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Wau  (pronounce as ‘wow’) can appear in all shapes and size but the most popular and famous kite is the moon kite (wau bulan) and cat kite (wau kucing) in the east coast.Kite making requires patience and tremendous skill. Bamboo will be cut and make into the frame or skeleton of the kite. The best time to cut the bamboo is in November or December and this will be kept for 10 months before it is split and soaked in water followed by heated to straighten and toughen. On the other hand, designs are traced on a tinted and shiny glazed paper and then carefully cut out and pasted on paper which is glued to the bamboo skeleton. The designs are normally flowers with vines which signifies women (flower) and man (vine), eg. if the flowers are in bud form, it symbolizes a young woman etc. In some older designs, flowers were drawn from the side and back to represent the shy and reserved personality of female in those days whereas for the vines, the more meandering the vines, the more twists and turns in a man’s life. There are also waus that are made using the batik technique or painted by batik artists and the designs are always more creative and less formalized by tradition.It is never an easy job to fly a Wau kite into the sky. A traditional Wau can be as big as 3.5m in height and 2.5 m wing span and usually needs the help of a group of person to bring it to the sky. In a windy day, a Wau can fly up to 450m into the sky. To choose a good kite, you should look at the harmonious colours matched and the flowers as well as the vines drawn which represent the inner state of the kite maker.


This coloured and patterned cloth is now becoming popular in Malaysia and the best Malaysian batiks come from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. There are two types of batik, the hand drawn and the stamped. Recently there are also machine printed batik which design is clearer and colour on one side only.
Hand drawn batik uses a small copper cup and fountain pen like ‘janting’ with melted wax to draw across the length and breadth of the cloth. Dyeing process is like filling colour on the drawing block, only different is the outline is wax instead of pen. The waxed areas resist dye. The cloth will then sent to ‘boil’ in warm water in order to get rid of the wax after it is soaked in chemical that makes the colour stay.
Stamped batik has the similar process like hand drawn batik, only different is the janting will be replaced by a copper or sometimes a wooden stamp which looks like a domestic iron with artistically patterned bottom.
Today batik is not only used for outfits but some innovative commercial individual has made full use of this beautiful and artistic textile into making bags, cushion covers, curtains, slippers etc.

Woods Carving

For many decades, Terengganu crafts men have taken pride in their wood carving skills. As one of oldest crafts in Malaysia, wood carving has also been the specialty of Terengganu craftsmen and their artworks are often praised for their exquisite beauty. Most of the carvings are inspired by the rich local flora as well as the beautiful Islamic arts. Besides being used as decorative items, these wood carvings also possess practical purposes on houses, palaces and furniture. The quality of these woods carving from Terengganu enables them to stands the test of time.Wood carving was originally found in houses of sulatans or Malay nobility as part of their interior decoration and the craftsmen were commissioned for their services. Because human depiction is prohibited in Islam, Malay wood carving gets its inspiration from flora, animal motif and Islamic art but this has never influence its finest artistically designs. Terengganu wood carving not only found in the beams, doorways, window shutters of a house, but also in the traditional boat making industry and some furniture items such as sofa, bed frame and mirror frame and as small as a jewelry box.

Terengganu State Museum

The Terengganu State Museum complex is the largest museum in southeast asia. The complex consists of a main museum, a maritime museum, a fisheries museum, 4 traditional houses and a botanic and herbs gardens. The main museum is built on 16 stilts, in accordance with the traditional architecture of Terengganu. Its 4 blocks are adjoined, to represent a big family. There are 10 galleries showcasing textiles, crafts, historical, royal, new generation and contemporary arts.

Bukit Puteri

Bukit Puteri is situated at the mouth of Terengganu River. It covers an area of about 658 hectares and the height is about 200 meters from the sea level. Bukit Puteri was built to defend the Rulers of Terengganu from attacks by the enemies. Bukit Puteri is easily accessible as there are steps leading to the top. Bukit Puteri was said to have originated as a place of residence for Puteri Bunian. However, the princess left Bukit Puteri when the local residents borrowed her cutlery and did not return them to her. According to legend, this hill was opened by a chieftain from Johor named Tuk Raja Menteri who came to Terengganu to install Sultan Zainal Abidin I as the first Sultan of Terengganu.
During the year 1830, there was a struggle for power among the two royalty of Terengganu that is, Tengku Mansur, the Sultan of Terengganu who was conferred the title of Sultan Mansur Shah II and Tengku Umar, the Yang Di pertuan Besar. Tengku Umar had built a fort at the top of Bukit Puteri for defence. This fort was built of bricks and cemented with honey, lime and egg white. However Bukit Puteri was captured by Sultan Mansur Shah II and Tengku Umar was forced to flee to Besut. Bukit Puteri then came under the control of Sultan Muhammad I who ascended to the throne when Sultan Mansur Shah II passed away. However, Sultan Mahmmud was not able to defend Bukit Puteri when it was attacked by Tengku Umar army. Finally, Tengku Umar recaptured Bukit Puteri again.

A few historical artifacts still exists on Bukit Puteri till this present day. Among them are a big bell, cannon, a flag pole, light house, graves and a defence wall. However, long time ago there were many cannons at Bukit Puteri. The cannons were believed to have originated from Spain, Portugal and the Malay States and were given names such as Seri Jamlor, Seri Buih, Seri Johor and Laila Majnun. The bell that still exists today was built during the reign of Sultan Zainal Abidin III in the year 1908. The bell was made from yellow copper, the circumference and height of the bell were 228 centimeters and the weight was 175 kilograms. The bell was sounded when there were rampage, fire or enemies attacking the state. It was believed that the bell was guarded by a boy from the royal family. The boy job was to sound the bell if any emergency or natural disasters occurred.
A cave known as Gua Puteri can also be found here. It was used as a place to keep the gun powder, stone and iron bullets. The flag pole that is on top of Bukit Puteri was used to raise the royal flag when there were any royal ceremonies held. The weight of the flag pole was around 18 meters high. The lighthouse on the peak of Bukit Puteri functioned as a guide for fishermen and sailors that siles into Kuala Sungai Terengganu. During the reign of Tengku Umar, he built a palace called the Green Palace at the foot of Bukit Puteri but was burned down in 1882. He built a new palace near the site of the Green Palace and was named Istana Maziah which still exit until today.
Nowadays, Bukit Puteri is used as a firing range for cannon when royal ceremonies are held. Besides that, Bukit Puteri has been developed into a tourist attraction.

Sekayu Waterfall

The sight of water gushing and failing from a high altitude and the sound of rushing water is a very pleasurable experience. Sekayu Waterfall is located within the sekayu recreational forest, which is 56 km away from kuala terengganu. The drive through unspoiled country scenery takes about 45 minutes. A favourite retreat for visitors, the sekayu waterfall with its seven cascades are surrounded by its natural landscape of lush jungle-clad hills, a fruit orchard, a mini zoo, a bird park, a garden and countless species of flora and fauna, various facilities such as shelters, changing rooms, chalets, resthouse, camping site, car parks, food stalls and exhibition hall have been provided.

The Sungai Yak Yah’s Firefly Sanctuary

The Glow fly has resided here for many-many year and its has been a major place for some Terengganu’ people, researcher and student to came here for study or firefly’s appreciation activities and marvel at the many Glow fly that habitat here. The glow fly sanctuary here was almost not known to any body except for the villager and fisherman in and near Kampung Ibok, Chukai Town at Kemaman district.

Recently our Terengganu state government in 2006 had started promoting and selling the Firefly sanctuary as recommendation sight-seeing  and number one glow fly appreciation area inside the state after Sungai Penarik Firefly Sanctuary, near Kampung Penarik..

          The Sungai Yak Yah Firefly Sanctuary is the biggest fire sanctuary in Malaysia. Which is located about half an hour from the town of Chukai in Kemaman. The Yak Yah river is home to the biggest firefly colonies in Malaysia. But the sightseer whom visits this river every month is less than 100 and most of them are from Japan and a few from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur , Perak and etc, which leave the firefly sanctuary almost deserted because the local authority at Kemaman doesn’t paid much attention for the tourism industry until early 2006. When the local News paper like News Strait Time Press or (NSTP), The Sun, and Utusan Malaysia had highlight the concern and plead of the Kemaman people ,Villager of Kampung Sungai Ibok and tourism operators. When the Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh found out about the sanctuary ‘s problem Our MB Dato’ Idris then had direct the Kemaman ‘s DO or District Office to ensure the habitat of the fireflies was well protected , preserved and not disturbed. and like wise the State Government Tourism Action Council’ secretariat also had now started to promote Sungai Yak Yah as the state newest attraction and building the necessary amenities needed like a jetty , toilet  and etc.

     To tell you the truth there was a lack of publicity on the place during the fuss .I myself who had live in Kuala Terengganu Town Center,(KTTC) for almost 10 year . Though that Sungai Penarik in Setiu District, is the only Glow fly / Firefly sanctuary in Terengganu (which Ping anchorage agency always organise a trip there). I had never heard about the glowfly sanctuary in Kemaman until the fuss from the News Paper during the end of 2005 .Even thou there was two local Che Ghani and his partner, Zainal Ibrahim, were organising firefly-watching trips since 2001.

     Because the fuss last year, we had travel with our friends from KT Town a weeks after  the Chinese new holiday just to see for ourselves. There lack of road signs, no signboards or pointer along the way to inform traveller and tourist about the fireflies sanctuary’s that we tooks and insanely one hour driving and asking for pointer to the sanctuary from the local village people even though its only 11km from Chukai !!!!! .Still it was quite worth with to see the many firefly (we prefer calling them glow fly) along the river.

     Currently there are only two local villagers (Che Ghani and his partner, Zainal Ibrahim) who dedicated their full time bringing and conducting daily firefly tours and guide for by paddleing their wooden boat as not to disturb the firefly habitat and appreciation activities.and Kudus!! for they part in protecting mother nature’s treasure. Both of them can be found at the jetty. Or you can rent a boat from the many fishermen here. Last year’s 2005 the state government and theYang Berhormat / Most Honourable DO of Kemaman Distric had banned the use of motorised boats along the river Yak Yah. .....Kudos !! 

The appreciation activities  can be done all around the year except from the month of October to January and the best time to go here for firefly appreciation activities is from July to September, which is the mating season for the firefly.

     Almost everyday when the dusk falls the colourful firefly will crowded the area with glitter like neon light throughout the 13 Km long Yak Yah river. From the guide and the local villager .... The Best place to marvel or taking picture and the best spots for firefly appreciation  is around 5 km from the jetty. Here you will be astounded to see the many berembang and putat trees there, along the river bank lit up like Christmas tree with thousand of fireflies 

Currently.We don’t have any picture of the place after our last trip there my RM 1700 worth local “ I ” Digital camera went on a swim in the river and had never recover.  The place are still quite unknown and with the fact that we didn’t find any picture of the place in the Web prove it. .The tour operator are not many except for village folks and those two who pioneer and had organising firefly-watching trips with they paddle boat since 2001.

Those “Two” are Che Ghani and his partner, Zainal Ibrahim, who conduct daily firefly tours from 7.45pm to midnight for RM20 per person. They can be contacted at 019-9336458/013-9365681
Its is best to stay at the many cheat and budget motel and hotel at chukai as you can see how life goes on in this quite town which is quite famous for its fresh Kopi ‘ O (Grounded Fried Coffee bean +  hot steaming H20 + sugar =     Kopi’ O .that its taste and aroma had attract a lot of people especially those from Singapore, KL, Johor,Pahang and KB who frequently travel from the north to singapore and vice versa 

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Kampung Cina

Kampung Cina literary mean Chinese Village and are also called Little Chinatown by foreigner.
Kampung Cina is one of Southeast Asia’s most enchanting early Chinese settlements in the world heritage where amidst colour and clutter, one can discovers stately ancestral homes, temples, townhouses, and sundry shops

Most of the description that were given out to tourist was not correct and wasn’t lengthy or deep enough and sometime non sequitor. Most of the info about Terengganu,Kampung Cina only cited only a few thing which made many people think that Kamp ung Cina is just a 200 year old Simple town .A small town section with no or litter significant other than just tourist attraction while visiting Kampong Cina
Here some of the “thing”, which are usually cited in magazine and Tourism brochure including the many tour agency website in or out of Malaysia.

“A row of 200 year old prewar old building at Jalan Kg Cina. –build by the Chinese from China –arrived in Peninsular Malaysia in the 19th century. -2 stories, with brick or concrete structure and wooden flooring in the second storey. -its wood carving on the windows and huge heavy wooden front door - some were turned into the renewed modern concrete building.The century old building are now sundry shops, local coffee shops, offices for several tour operators, batik and souvenir shops, restaurants etc..

The 200-year-old shop houses along the banks of Sungai Terengganu and the Kampung Cina’s various historical structures such as the Low They Well, the 200-year-old bridge ,Chinese Temple painted in red colour standing at the corner and the Snake Temple are gazetted as a heritage site since 2004. It is said to be one of the well preserved Chinatown Southeast in the world. In fact, it is included Unesco's heritage listing.”

The Floating Mosque

The Floating Mosque of The East 
The Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah (Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque) which is situated about 4Km from Kuala Terengganu Centre, is built on a floating platform and is also known as the "The Floating Mosque of the East" due to its unique design that creates an illusion of itself as floating on water. This magnificent and unique Mosque are named after one of the matriarch in the Terengganu Royal house, the mosque are in perfect harmony with the natural ,was touched and designed by YM Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah, a very well known Malaysian architect who himself a Prince coming from the Terengganu royal house.

The Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque cleverly infuses Terengganu‘s traditional Malay architecture with modern design, which symbolizes the mordernisation and urbanisation of Terengganu.The pristine white plain and unadorned the mosque is unpretentious architectural stament yet bold and strong in the same time are undoubt fully the most recognisable landmark for Kuala Terengganu and the state of Terengganu itself. 
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It is located in the outskirts of Kuala Terengganu, It is build on a lagoon by the mouth of Sungai Ibai that cleverly gives an illusion that it is floating on the water - the first ever of its kind in Malaysia before similar concept was adopted by Masjid Putra in Putrajaya. At night, the floating affect of the mosque looks even more interesting as the mosque will be brightly lighted and you can see its reflection on the water. Just like any other mosques, the mosque and its surrounding area is open to all. However, as usual proper attires are required especially if you plan to have a look inside the mosque - dress conservatively, no shorts, mini skirts or sleeveless. Avoid also visit during prayer times especially on Friday afternoons from noon till 3.00pm. Try visiting this mosque during the the evening when the setting sun shines on the mosque creating a lovely hue and scenic.
Sungai Ibai, Kuala Terengganu.
At a lagoon on the mouth of Sungai Ibai, about 4km from Kuala Terengganu town centre.

Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas or Kapas Island, An island famous for its clear waters, sandy white beaches and swaying coconut palms, it is relatively isolated. Home to an infinite variety of hard and soft corals, the waters around the island abound with seashells, fish and turtles and are famous place for bird watching.The island's laid back atmosphere is ideal for relaxation but the more adventurous will find it is also a haven for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, boating and fishing.Kapas has somehow become the refuge of those who refuse or could not join the Perhentian' crowd. The island is favourite with the local people in the very high season and the public holidays.

The island is just 4 nautical miles or only 6 KM in front of the Marang jetty and the fishing village of Marang. The nice little Kapas Island is visible from Marang jetty at all weather. The name “Kapas” or cotton came from its island which inherited the white powdery beaches which looked like 'kapas' or cotton . The Kapas island is a small island, with just over 2km long and 1km wide.

It's is an ideal place to break away from the busy hectic day. Kapas Island is about easy access, cheap, choices and plenty of accommodations available on the island for travellers to chose. Places, to stay ranging from camping sites to dormitory to island resorts with en suite facilities. 

Here at the island you can find many small animal ,bird and reptiles.The Famous animal in Kapas Island is the famous song bird called “Murai Batu” or White-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) . This song bird is reputed by most local as to has 23 different and equal beautiful melodies in its repertoire.

On the long stretches shallow water of island's western shore that u can snorkel . You can find many colourful reef and coral which extend out into the deep blue sea This area offer a lot for snorkelling and diving as the water here are warm and very green light blue water that are Crystal Clear but it advisable to wear a jacket is you are not a swimmer . During the low tide, some part of this shallow area can be a vast shallow area of just only a knee deep which is very dangerous. Don’t be temp to walk on any vast shallow water. (why? just read on)

The Variety of this little cotton island. has to offer to see are too many that Green ones who snorkel here may often find them self ,lose track and get trapped in shallow water during low tide which is quite dangerous .( Please Read The Article About The Danger of Walkable Shallow Water. in the Danger and safety precaution.)

The Kapas Island reef is a safe haven for abundance of beautiful marine life and coral. Which is blessing to most diver and snorkeler to find the such as unique parrotfish, Nemo, Yellow tang, angelfish, ray, Percula clownfish, sea snake, ells, giants clams, sea turtle and sea terrapin and other dangerous sea life like Fire Coral, Puffer fish, Sea Urchin, Starfish , Tiger fish, jelly fish , octopus (which sometime try to drown u by holding on you face) and the such. 

Kapas Island is a good place for diving .as there are a lot of popular and favourite diving spot . A World War Two shipwreck located 5 nautical miles offshore is the key attraction to most of divers that frequent here as to photograph and gaze at the past . The popular and favourite diving spot for diver is the outer reefs on her seaward. The water of Kapas island also contains artificial reef of illegal fishing boat that been sunk here by the authority and private party to promote the developing of coral reef and also increase the fishing stock in Marang District

Only thing that never change on this island is the constant number of backpackers arriving and departing each day. May - August and the local holidays are the best times to go ,May till August is the squid jigging season, During this period of time you can go for squid jigging activities which can be arranged by any one of the local chalet here during the evening.

The boat operator who is on a Squid jigging “Candat Sotong” trip will rig his boat with many neon light or florescent tube around a few long pole stuck on both side of his ship Roof like a big Wing. The many light that illuminated the water, will attract squibs to gather in the shaded area under the boat. You can start your squib jigging by let your little jig drop into the water about 1 or 2 feet and start jerking the line about 3 of 4 time, then pulled it up a bit till you saw your jig and then letting go.these step are done repeatly .squib bite you jig when it fall and very sofly .it u felt you jig a bit heavy ,quickly give a gentle jerk, but don’t jerk with all your strength as you don’t want to see your friend in the boat to be attack by your flying inking squib, 

Don’t be startle by the ink that been squirted out when you raise them out of the water as this is normal.

Like fish ,squib came in school,that if you saw that many people start catching this mean they are a school of squib under your boat,this is when your boat will have a fiasta of squib that u need to be quick on getting off the squib from the hook for the nex jigging before the school jet away. If the boat is very lucky, the boat’s ice container will be full of squib in 30 minute.

After your come back from your jigging trip you can have your fresh squib, BBQ or just Fried them or eat it raw like the local do.
I mine experience Makcik Gemuk Chalet is the best place to stay .
Getting there
From KL take a the daily flight offer by Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia to Kuala Terengganu Airport 

Get a bus or a taxi (Rm 25.00) from Kuala Terengganu to Marang which is 10 km south. Then get off at the jetty.
There are plenty of boat operators at the jetty. Some of them take accommodation reservation or booking as well as snorkeling trip apart from boat ticket. You can book a room here or wait until you are on the island. the boat trip to the island takes 20 minutes.

Pulau Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is the name for the most finest Diving spot in Peninsular Malaysia. Tenggol Island is the most unique in Terengganu, the name “Tenggol” which in the terengganu dialect means 'to perch',this is because first glimp of this islnd from afar ,You will see that the island resembles a person perching. The island till to today are still use by local fishermen as shelter from sudden tropical sea storms or bad whether.

The only beach here is the only long stretch beach of  Teluk Air Tawar or Fresh Water Bay. The sand here are modestly white , The beach is are frequent by its permanent customer, who came here every 8 or ten year . From the age of dinosaur, many green turtle and hawksbill turtles from across the globe are driven by their instincts have returned to mate in the same shore and to lay their egg at the same beach where they hatched from some 30…40…50…60 years ago. 

The Island wonder was lay hidden for a long time, other than once used to be a hiding place by the Vietnamese’s Boat people before been discovered by the authority and was allocated to the Famous Pulau Bidong and as shelter from unseen bad whether. According from my father, Pa says that Pulau Tenggol was famous after some marine-biologist discovered  whale shark, dolphin and large amount of bio-diversities in the water of Tenggol Island and its secret underwater world. This finding were report in the press  and  soon the island was famous and throughout the year many heavenly diving sport was discovered. The local and centre government later to protect and develop it later, gazetted the island as part of Terengganu Marine Park. Where the island are protected by the fishing activities, spear fishing, and collecting the marine life even for study will require a permit and any un-inform building activities are strictly prohibited. Here u can only find one resort, which is the Tenggol Island Resort. In the end the island was never developed as  was a blessing.

With the frequent patrol , strict action and conservation by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. The island and its diving site are unspoiled and much of the reef remains intact. and the most importantly its is very far from the tourist bee hive like Redang, Perhentian and The Kapas Island and there only one resort here. Thus leaving much of dive site un crowded

We don’t well come green horn’s diver to tenggol island to dive, unless, you are and experience diver or at least an advance level diver before coming here. The Dive master will test your skill in open water at the western bay of Teluk Air Tawar. The current here are at most of the dive site are very unpredictable thus making its quite dangerous for the green horn. and a lot of the famous dive site here should be temp by dive who had large experience in the open water.

Pulau Redang

The Seaview from Laguna Hotel at the Pasir Panjang Beach

Pulau Redang also knows as Redang Island is located 45 km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu in the South China Sea or approximately 45 minutes boat ride from the famous Merang (wooden Jetty ) to Redang island .The Jetty is situated at the fishing village of Merang. The fishing village is North of Kuala Terengganu.

Redang Island gazetted as a Marine Park back in 1985, and enjoy the protection of the Department of Fisheries of Malaysia is one of the 8 isle in Terengganu that top The 10 Most Beautiful Island in Malaysia. Redang is also one of The Most Beautiful Island in the World and are among the Best Known and Most Famous Gem Haven for Diving Activities for Tourist and All Diver all around Malaysia and the world. Redang Archipelago, exists of 9 islands ( comprises of Pulau Redang, Pulau Pinang, Pulau Ling, Pulau Ekor Tebu, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kechil, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kechil and Pulau Lima.) that abound with stunning marine life and coral reefs that ensure great snorkelling and scuba-diving. Your fist glimpse of the isle will leave you spell bounded by the Postcard scenery and instantly captivated by the lush green carpet of vegetation that covers the gently sloping hills 

Immediately upon arriving at Redang, the light blue water offers an enticing temptation to 'test the water'. A big mistake that are frequent by unsuspecting visitors and most first timer and once including me : P .Where u will find your self deceived by Redang's crystal clear water.

Many are deceived by Redang's crystal clear water as the sea at Redang archipelago are special! The water visibility here is about an Outstandingly 45 feet!!. When the sea is very calm it can get up to 18 meters, that's Over 54 feet. Which many will find it Unbelievable!! (which is a Bonus for diver and snorkel)

Why? you ask? well....

“Try imaging seeing many people sunbathing along the Beach and then your boat just arrive near the shore and with out waiting for completed stop And for a great Entry with your khaki short ,shirt and wearing a hat and a sunglasses .You jump into the knee deep crystal clear water like everyone.. Later .. only to find your self your self standing in a shoulder deep water than expected and had to walk up to the shore and endure the laughof the many beach comber and (when you see somebody checking in at the counter with wet attire...your will know what had happen to then : P ”

We have seen some for at very calmly and just trodden trough the water and up to the beach.... as if nothing had happen. Still it can be a horrible night mare for children and women...we had seen those who took lightly on the boat opperator advice about Redang's crystal clear water. Once at the beach we saw a boat had just arrive in front of resort..a women lift her skirt (Why in hell that any one want to wear skirt on a boat Each Time!!!) and took a step and plunge/ Walk the plank into the sea like a rock with her skirt like umbrella up to her face. She was shock and went on panicking in the water that it took almost an hour for her to calm the resort.

So for those out ..You had read my warning. Make sure you pay attentions to the boat operator Warning.

The Famous More-More Inn

The paradise-like island, surrounded by majestic green hills, the Shining white sandy beach ,the crystal clear light turquoise sea water with the temperature range from 31 to 34 degrees Celsius during the day and with Mother Nature gift of a breathtaking scenic sunset give an unforgettable soothing calmness and relaxation sensation to people at the Redang island. The isle is rich in diverseforms of colourful fishes and abundance marine life swimming gracefully around the world's most mature coral gardens.

The water here is very crystal clear that even On the seafront visitors can even see the many beautiful corals and a variety of fish from the beach. Don’t be shy to rent Diving and snorkelling gear from any of the resorts or any operators on the islands .even if for just a while in the water to have a closer look.

Things that you can sea at the shallow water
At the shallow water around Redang isle u can see many large variety of marine life like the clown fish, many Colourful parrot fish,some reef shark, stingrays and other small fish brightly lit like colourful neon bulbs. Amongst the corals near the shore and rock, one can see all kinds of shellfish, sea anemone, and Gamat (sea cucumber).

There is also a protected marine park at Island, which many people found enjoying for snorkelling, in Redang Marine Park, you can find a many colourful array of spectacular marine life . There are small and big eel to be find living here amid the coral, giant black and brown grouper, black tipped shark. you may also encounter with the some or lonely Green sea turtle and Hawksbill sea turtle, pufferfish, angelfish, damselfish; eels; giant clams; rays, sea urchins, sea cucumbers . Don’t be scare if u bump into with our “Bapok Bayan” a The Biggest Green Humped parrot fish in Redang Marine Park, who usually frequent here with its gruesome teeth and a big lump on its forehead that forage coral. This particular ”Ikan Bayan” is at the size of a small build man, making the shark here look very harmless : P

In the protected marine park, there are corals of every imaginable shape, size or color like multicoloured Christmas trees coral, standing like a guardian to the sea. Who will fold up and retract back into the rock and them gracefully popping back again. or Staghorn Coral field, some very big size clamp ( never touch them or it will owned You!!) , taupe shape coral, nudibranch with reef shark, stingrays and other small fish brightly lit like neon bulbs.

If you are sharp-eyed diver, will be rewarded with sights of flatworm, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, stonefish, Dangerous Lionfish, lobster and pipefish. 
A word of caution to visitors: No fishing is allowed within a 3.2 km radius of the island and any Fishing, damaging and removing of corals and other marine life are strictly prohibited and the penalty for breaking the law includes jail and fine.

The Marine Park Headquarter

The Marine Park Headquarter is cited on Pulau Pinang which is in southern of Redang Island . Here is the where officer and patrol boat from Department of Fisheries of Malaysia are place to protect the marine park to inspect and supervise all activities in this area. There are also a few chalets that are built overseeing the sea which can be rent and enjoy by only government civil servants. 

The sea here are very calm that u don’t need to be a good swimmer that u can go rent a life jacket , snorkel, and diving gear at any resort and jump into the sea (except no jumping at the Marine park)

One of the many Lion Fish at redang

Plenty of good snorkeling and diving sites can be found here like; Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Kerengga Kechil, Mat Dollah, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kechil , Tanjung Tokong, Turtle Bay, House Reef, Marine Park Headquarter, However, deep sea snorkeling is not necessary though there are 2 snorkeling boat trips to bring you to any of these area.

A diver with the beautiful sea turtle at Redang water

The water around Redang isle also offer many perfect diving spot including two historic shipwrecks The H.M.S Prince of Wales and the H.M.S Repulse that were sunk here by the Japanese Imperial Navy at the start of World War II, setting the stage for the Japanese occupation of Malaya.

To do a diving trip here, you need to book with the dive shop at any of the resorts that offer its. Even non diver can sign up for a scuba diving course and lesson on the spot. Check up for the detail of the fee charged.

The trekking in Pulau Redang and its Village

Redang Island is still a very much covered by the Rainforest, thank for the government and local islande effort. The ideal time for going for a trekking is at a round 7’o’Clock in the morning. Where you will find the air very fresh and protected by the Strong heat of the morning mist.

The trek that u can find here is about 2.5 Km trail that lead from Pasir Panjang a beautiful beach to Teluk Dalam, where u can find a Kampung or village. The trail at the hilly island of Redang is fascinating in its own way.Make sure that you bring a camera.with and extra role of two. The trail is well marked and trodden as this place is a favourite path for local and some staff on the island that you may meet during they morning Jog. During you journey you may encounter a small stream and a pool alive with local Catfish,If you are lucky u may encounter Redang’s unique wildlife but harmless animals such as the shy Kancil “mousedeer” looking for food .(please don’t surprise or scare them as the Kancil here are can easily day offright...No..joking.!!) .

Sometimes there might be long tailed macaque monkey hanging on the trees staring at you,sometime on the tree you can find flying squire, along the way you will see many wonder that are created by the mother earth and also a very beautiful and scenic view of The tranquil and isolated bay of Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is accompanying by snowy white sandy beach . the trail will end at Berjaya Redang Resort 

Following the properly sealed road will lead you to the “Kampung Nelayan” Redang Fishing village.The village here you can find house that are Centered around a small mosque which sits up on a small hill. You can find a mamak stall or local Restaurant for some humble food for a change ,Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle) , a cup of KoPi Kaw ( coffee ),or you could tried the famous Nasi lemak and Roti Canai here .

The most beautiful beach at Pulau Redang - Pasir Panjang Beach 

Unknowns by most people,The island’s finest beaches is in the Pasir Panjang beach, and from my point of view, the beach surrounded by majestic green hills that cast a shadows in the simmering sea with a magnificent shoreline of fine powdery white sand and a coral garden immersed in a clear blue sea is a perfect getaway for holiday seeker. 

As a bleesing ,I was not the only one that felt that way, as a couple of year ago a big and magnificent resort was build here, The Laguna Redang Island Resort are the only resort built here. The low-rise resort retains a ‘modern paradise concept” that cleverly infuses Terengganu ‘s traditional Malay architecture with modern amenities and yet is in perfect harmony with the natural greenery. that even I who went they at august 04, cant help at marvelling at the unique and finely design of the resort which has 300 rooms and suites (with private balcony) either fronting the beach or a well-landscaped garden that are touched its designer, the well-known Terengganu-born royalties and architect HNR Prince YM Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah.

If you are going to Laguna Redang Island Resort, you will love the dining experience at the seaview Ala-Carte Restaurant which serve local and continental cuisine and after dinner you can enjoy a walk along the beach under the beautiful and panoramic view of the stars.

The resorts also have a nice open disco, private karaoke lounges and indoor beach club which features live entertainment that u will enjoy and they have such a nice staff.

From my experience you will find a lot of thing to do here that are provided by the resort like Snorkelling,island excursion, a sunset cruise, Fishing trip or diving trip in the day or night, thre are also a lot of recreational water sport that u can join or a jungle trekking from where u are to Teluk Dalam on the otherside of the island.

The language 

You wont to worry about the language here as just about everybody here speaks English, since its compulsory subject to be learn in all school in Malaysia. There are also school, police station and a Goverment Health Clinic Centre to be found.

Berjaya Air's plane landing at the Bejayaa private airstrip at Pulau Redang

By Air :
Malaysia Airline System (MAS) & AirAsia operates services direct from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuala Terengganu. "however, Air Asia is cheaper, but with limited flights and seats. A MAS round-trip ticket costs RM388.00 [adult] while Air Asia offers as low as RM19.90 for single trip" (that's if you book really early or fly on off-peak hours)
The flight takes about 45 minutes.

or if u in the "rat race" then by Berjaya Air,From KLIA Airport straight to Pulau Redang.

By Road : 
Express buses/Coaches and outstation taxis offer regular services from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu.Coaches go to Kuala Terengganu. It costs approximately RM23.80 one way for Coaches.If you are not rushing for time Takes the coaches where you can enjoy beautiful scenery and experience the local village culture along the east coast. The coach stops a few times along the journey at town and villages for tea break, you might get a chance to drop by and experience some Malaysian local culture is like in the "Kampung Life" as we call it.

Overall The trip takes about 7 hours.
There are many buses, coaches and taxis commuting between Kuala Terengganu town and Merang Jetty.

Destination Day ETD / ETA/ Fare
Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Terengganu, Daily, 2245 / 0645* next day ,RM26
Kuala Terengganu / Kuala Lumpur,Daily. RM28

From Penang
Depart daily at night from KOMTAR or Butterworth stations to Kuala Terengganu. Journey: 8 Hours 
from Johor Bahru Depart daily (10:00am, 9:00pm, 9:30pm, 10:00pm) Larkin Station / Hentian Kompleks Pengangkutan Awam to Kuala Terengganu Journey: 10 Hours Tel: +607-2245182, +607-2220045 Fare: RM28.60 (adult) / RM14.30 (child) fromSingapore Depart daily (9:00am, 8:00pm, 9:00pm) Singapore (Lavender Street/ Kallang Bahru Junction) to Kuala TerengganuJourney: 11 Hours Tel: +65-62947035 Fare: RM51.90 (adult) / RM25.90 (child)

By Rail
There is no train or railway network to Terengganu at the moment.

By Ferry
The main jetty is at Merang, some 30 km north from Kuala Terengganu. From Merang, the trip to Pulau redang takes about 40 minutes on comfortable, large speedboats. There is no boat ticketing counter at Merang Jetty.
Accommodation and boating are all pre-arranged and on package deal only so Its best to book from Resort of Tour agency as all resort provide they own package deal from which may include diving surfing ,snorkeling ,kayaking and etc for the best package..

Advice its better to book early as some resort are to famous that they scenic room are book 5 or 8 month earliar. and sometime are booked till the next 2 or 3 year by some Rich Loyal customer.

As Terengganu also don’t Have enough hotel to accommodated the large influx of tourist each year. Ps:Beside that,we dont want the island to be over crowed do we?